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1. What is Painterly furniture artist paint?

Painterly is a unique type of furniture artist paint that defies traditional artistry rules. It's a loose, non-traditional paint designed specifically for furniture. Embracing a loose and non-traditional approach that sets it apart. The unique artistic style blurs the lines between traditional painting and DIY creativity, resulting in a seamless blend like peanu tbutter and jelly. It comes in tubes and is known for its heavy-bodied, highly pigmented,and thick consistency, creating brilliant results. Dries to a matte finish

2. What distinguishes Painterly from other types of paint?

Painterly paint is not acrylic, watercolor, or oil paint. It is a special blend with a heavy texture and high pigment concentration. It is perfect for DIY projects and combines exceptionally well with various furniture surfaces.

3. How is the paint packaged?

Painterly paint comes in tubes with black lids and clear containers, allowing you to see the paint color. The packaging includes beautiful labeling. We will provide inspiration and display photos.

4. Can Painterly paint be used with other products?

Absolutely! Painterly paint works well with products like liquid patina, big top, waxes, and DIY clay paint. It offers versatility in creating various finishes.


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