Liquid Pixie Dust Metallics - Paint Pixie Magical Chaulk Paint

Liquid Pixie Dust Metallics - Paint Pixie Magical Chaulk Paint

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Magical Chaulk Paint works like magic.

No sanding, stripping or priming is necessary although you might want to clean your piece with a non-oily cleaner.

Blending colors takes no effort and it is self leveling leaving a beautiful smooth finish.

Here is a list of reasons why I (Josi) the owner of Paint Pixie LOVES the Magical Chaulk Paint line of products

  • Self levels, this is great for beginners who haven't mastered how to paint without leaving brush strokes.
  • It dries smooth to the touch not like most chalk paints
  • A little goes a long way
  • It does have some acrylic and calcium carbonate in it so it will dry to a hard finish when it cures out.
  • Zero VOC, and is considered a green product.
  • Highly pigmented, made with the best organic pigments from the earth not man 
  • The bright colors are very vivid and vibrant
  • The metallics are highly pigmented yielding excellent coverage. (we have 8 colors to offer)
  • Works well when using other brands with it